Who Are Harleigh & Mara?

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They are kind of like the Olsen twins but with an even cooler story...

Harleigh and Mara were born on November 10, 2018 to my brothers and their wives, who just so happen to be best friends. The girls were born in the same hospital, two rooms apart, and 19 minutes time difference. Honestly, what are the chances?? Neither the pregnancies or births were planned this way. In fact they were initially due 2 weeks apart!

I respectfully waited for the news. This moment changed my life (and my family's lives, obviously) forever.

Some context here, two years prior to their birth I made the decision to start the move across the country from Toronto to Los Angeles to live with my boyfriend. I followed through with my decision, and don't regret it, but after their birth I pushed the move date back 9 months so that I could enjoy their company and help out with the new born duo.

Moving away was the hardest thing I ever did. Sure, I love my family, but these girls were even more special and leaving them made the transition difficult for me. I made a promise to myself and to them that I would find a way to travel back and forth between the United States and Canada often enough to be part of their lives, and not miss out on ALL of the important moments... unfortunately I can't make them all.

I had a vague idea, but no real plan, how I was going to do this. Today, every choice I make and project I start is in line with this greater vision of creating this life between Toronto and LA to make sure that I am a part of theirs.

This store is a dedication to these little girls as well as every other young person out there. I firmly believe that if we as society wants our youth to learn to lead the world, we must set the example.

My goal is to inspire my nieces to imagine, dream, create, and have the courage to believe in themselves. Be persistent and be resilient. Have desires and achieve your greatest ambitions. Be individual. Be unapologetically you.

"Live Life Your Way" is a phrase that we are realizing both of these girls do very well. With a bundle of personality to already go along with them, Harleigh and Mara are uniquely them. "Be Uniquely You" is a strong desire to encourage people to embrace who they are, their talents, and their gifts.

As Harleigh and Mara grow this store will evolve. The collections are a reflection of the people and things they have experienced in their life up to this point. 

I am excited and blessed to be the aunt of two girls that have the power to change the lives of many people around them.

I hope you enjoy the store as much as I love finding special items to put on it. Always, drop us a line in the Contact Us section if you have any questions!

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