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Dr Seuss authored more than 60 children's books. However, as adults, we continue to quote him today! 

Many of our parents read Dr. Seuss to us, and we continue to read the same books to our children, our nieces, and nephews. How did these simple books become so iconic? 

In my opinion, Dr. Seuss encourages curiosity, play, and dreaming. He often quotes things that inspire people to do what they love, and love every day they do! Isn't that what we want for ourselves? For our kids? 

When I was young, like all kids, I played pretend. I was either a princess, a teacher, or a ballerina. I grew up dreaming about being on the big stage. For years, I danced. Then one day I had to take my final bow. This did not stop me because I knew that deep inside I loved to perform. Realizing that my love was not only to dance, it was to perform, I found different outlets and artistic endeavours that fulfilled this deep desire. My life became my stage.

I have created and released a series of prints on different mediums that are encouraging and inspirational. I thought to my self, what would I see everyday that would keep me motivated to work towards my dreams and goals?

How about a decorative pillow? Every morning I wake up, make my bed, and place all my pillows neatly on my bed. Imagine if your home decor were the very things that kept your inspired and looking forward to today, and tomorrow! 

Not just for dancers, but with a ballet feel, take a look at our decorative pillows here and add a positive feeling and vibration to your room, living room, bedroom, dorm room, and lounging area.

"If things start happening, don't worry, don't stew, just go right along and you'll start happening too!" - Dr. Seuss



Tiana, proud aunt.

Founder Harleigh & Mara


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