Dance Like Nobody is Watching Throw Pillow / Pillow Case / Stuffed Pillow - Dance Life Series

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Dance Like Nobody's Watching, & Live Like it's Heaven on Earth.

This is a one of a kind home decorative item not found in stores! Sometimes, dancing like nobody's watching means doing things that you love to their fullest. Simple reminders keep you on track to living your life the way you want, in ways that make you happy! Keep this reminder in your home and where you can see it. 

Always be you to your greatest ability! Do what makes you happy and satisfies your soul.

Know someone with the passion to dance? Make this inspirational throw pillow pillow a gift!

Add a personal touch to your space with amazing broadcloth pillows. These pillows are super soft and durable which means they are a fully functional piece of art that are meant to be used.

• Available in 3 Options: Stuffed & Sewn, Zip Cover, Zip Cover with Insert

• Stuffed Pillow and Insert - Polyester/Polyfill

• Durable Polyester Broadcloth Fabric That is Soft To The Touch

• Dye-Sublimated Print Using Non-Solvent Water-Based Inks with No VOCs

• Spot Treatment with Damp Cloth; Tumble Dry