Exercise Equipment - Abdominal Wheel Roller, Skipping Rope, Push-up Bar

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With this exercise equipment kit, turn your living space, hotel room or park glade into the real gym!

Features: 4 IN 1 home workout equipment includes adjustable jump rope, push-up bar, and ab roller with knee pad. Buy all four piece togerher! Use the knee pad with the ab roller to help protect the knees. Do your push-ups without getting wrist pain! The sloping push-up bar can be detached or mounted in seconds and won't slip easily.

For all fitness levels.

Package weight: 1500g / 3.31lbPackage


Simple: 1 x AB Wheel Roller, 1 x Knee Pad, 1 x Jump Rope 

Total: 1 x AB Wheel Roller, 1 x Knee Pad, 1 x Jump Rope, 1 x Push-up Bar