The Missing Pieces To Every Make Every Health & Fitness Program Work

The Missing Pieces To Every Make Every Health & Fitness Program Work

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Investing in your personal health? Do you need a concrete plan to help you be at your best?

What image or aspiration do you have for yourself? 

When you set your goals are you easily derailed?

Most people have no idea what the answers to the above two questions look like.

I have created this 10 page, 6-exercise document to help you recognize patterns that may not be serving you and exchange them for ones that will result in an active, nourished, positive life.

Through my own experiences, failures, and successes in health and wellness I have learned strategies that have finally allowed me to escape the traditional ups and downs that came along with making my own lifestyle changes. I learned the secrets to making changes stick, to eating better foods not just because I had to but because I wanted to, and how to motivate myself to never skip a workout again.

The most important thing to me is to help others like you achieve the life you have imagined for yourself. This is not a quick solution to a long standing problem, rather a long-term solution that has the power to change your life forever as long as you implement the steps involved.

Got This Far? Want To Learn More About WHO I Am? You can read about me HERE!

A lot of education and self-reflection went into what I am about to share with you. I had to relearn many things and forget the "old standard", or what I thought I knew was "right" when it came to looking and feeling at my best. 

The more I learned, the more I grew, the more my life began to take shape the way I had first imagined it in my mind.

I am 34 years old, the aunt to the incredible Harleigh & Mara. At my. age now I move and feel better than I ever have felt in my entire athletic life. 

I ultimately decided to create this program for women like you to share with you a culmination of life experiences from years of personal development, entrepreneurial courses, semi-professional dance training, aerial acrobatics, professional wrestling, movement therapy, nutrition, and energy work bundled into a 3-step package designed to change your life from the inside out.

Step 1: Available here. Just Click Add To Cart and it will be delivered to you via E-mail on the following business day at 8am PST (these are mental exercises, NOT physical exercises)
Everything great starts by taking the first step...
Step 2: Can only happen after you have completed step 1. You can reach out by email to contact me. It is for the person that really wants to make a change in their life... and are serious about it! Maybe you have tried other workouts in the past but have not gotten the results you expected. Step 2 of my program combines all elements of Step 1. We have a phone or video conversation and discuss where you are right now and where you are trying to go. Here you will get the crucial strategies and techniques based on experience and tried and tested methods. This is the 1 on 1 coaching and fitness you will need to finally get to your goals.
Group coaching will be available once per month. Individualized coaching calls take place every two weeks.
NOTE: You must go through an application process. I only want the most serious clients to work with. I have limited time and a lot of knowledge to give. I want to help those who are willing to put the time and effort into helping themselves.
Group and Individualized Coaching:  We can all learn from each other, but we also need that one-on-on touch to make programs more personal. Many factors affect a person coming into a workout from their sleeping habits, nutrition, stress levels, time of workout, age... do you know how to account for all of these factors? That's why I am here to help guide you and educate you on getting you more in tune with your psyche and your own body.
What qualifications do I have: 
18 years working in the fitness industry as a fitness professional and dance instructor. A few degrees in science, colleagues in high places, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and the research to back it up, and the lifestyle to show for it. I am also a licensed Physical Therapist in Canada, soon to be licensed in the United States.
As a bonus for stepping up to Step 2 you will get:
- Weekly personal emails full of information and feedback to keep you on track
- Nutrition guidance
- Goal setting and development guidance
- Physical rehabilitation prescription as needed
- 15% OFF the most advanced vitamins and supplements that are backed by science proven to WORK. You can't buy these supplements in stores.
I invite you to try Step 1 & 2 NOW!